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New Samsung ML-1630 monochrome printer eats lots of cartridges

New Samsung ML-1630 monochrome printer eats lots of cartridges

Wed 03-Dec-2008 23:11 | Samsung just launched the ML-1630 monochrome printer. It’s a very compact printer which only takes up a small amount of space on your desk: just 13 by 14.8 inches and 4.8 inches high. The maximum capacity of the tray is low: only 100 sheets.

Monochrome printers are, in general, the least expensive way to print a B&W page. Normally the costs are less than 2.0 cents per page. But this Samsung ML-1630 is much more expensive, with cartridge costs almost double that at 3.7 cents per page.

So far Printer.com has not discovered a good (printing)reason to buy this printer. The best reason is the modern design of the printer and the compact size. But if you want to buy a Samsung monochrome printer with reasonable cartridge costs, take a look at the Samsung ML-3051N. The cost of a page is just 1.5 cents.

Another advantage of this printer is that you can use it in a network environment. In addition, the quality of the output is better: 1200 x 1200 dpi, which generates sharp images.