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Cartridge news   
Office Depot and Dell
Fri 20-Nov-2009 15:49 | Office Depot officially selling Dell printer cartridges    More...
Printer news   
Canon and Adobe Form Technology Agreement
Tue 10-Nov-2009 06:19 | Helping organizations reach new levels of printing, scanning and document security in office environments, Canon Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc. entered into a global agreement to embed Adobe technology into Canon’s newest family of office document solutions. This agreement is an extension of an alliance between the two companies established in 2005.    More...
Printer news   
Xerox Develops an Inexpensive Silver Ink That Could Bring Big Changes in Electronics Manufacturing
Tue 10-Nov-2009 06:14 | Xerox has developed a new type of ink made from silver that could eventually help build more flexible electronics. The ink can be used to print circuits onto films, textiles and plastics. While printing onto flexible objects isn’t entirely new, Xerox’s method (dubbed “silver bullet”) is cheaper and easier to use, adding to the potential for innovation down the road.    More...