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HP Tells Users to Hit “Print” Responsibly

HP Tells Users to Hit “Print” Responsibly

Thu 29-Oct-2009 00:21 | HP has almost “done it all,” so to speak, as far innovation in the printing industry is concerned. It will not come as a surprise that practically everyone has already encountered an HP printer at home or work.

It is therefore fitting that a company enjoying such a level of success is trying to do its part for the environment. Last month, the company was named by Newsweek magazine as the “greenest” of the top 500 companies in America. HP is also one of the pioneers in recycling, something that the company has done since the 1970s when they started recycling punch cards.

As part of its push towards a “greener” printing industry, HP came up with the “Hit Print Responsibly” campaign. According to a feature in the Irish Times, the campaign aims “to provide design and material innovation solutions to reduce the cost and environmental impact” of HP products.

As a result of HP’s recycling efforts, the company has reportedly reached the goal of tripling the use of recycled materials by 2010 that it set in 2007.