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Remote Printing From Your iPhone Through Print Magic

Remote Printing From Your iPhone Through Print Magic

Thu 29-Oct-2009 00:16 | For the small price of $7.00, an iPhone or iPod Touch user can now print remotely via a WiFi connection from their mobile device using an app called Print Magic, and there will be no need to sync with a computer in order to print. Print Magic will provide the ability for an iPhone and iPod touch to print directly to network printers that support Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) as well as any printer with the capability to share with a Mac through Printer Sharing.

Users who wish to print data using the app can simply copy what they need to print into the app. In the case of printing webpages, users simply need to copy the URL. Users will also have the option to use the app in order to print photos stored in their iPhone or iPod Touch libraries.